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California Orange Salad


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Sierra Madre is a charming small community just north east of Arcadia.  It is probably best known for the annual Wisteria festival held in the spring when busloads of visitors come to see the largest blossoming plant in the world (Guinness Book of World Records) and one of the seven horticultural wonders of the world that was planted in 1894.  But that is not the only reason to visit Sierra Madre, you can go to enjoy some excellent cuisine.  We recently dined at Corfu Restaurant, owned by Vic and Amy Satamian and enjoyed a delicious homemade Mediterranean style lunch with a group of friends.  Our selections were guided by our Greek friend, Anna, along with our host/owner. 

 To appreciate Mediterranean cuisine, one must explore a bit of history.  When the Byzantium was at its zenith, the Armenians and Greeks were both centered in Constantinople during the pre-Ottoman era.  It was this period that developed the exotic cuisine that was influenced by these two cultures and also the Turkish cuisine.  There is hardly any ingredient in Mediterranean cooking with which the Western household would not be familiar except perhaps the flavoring ingredients. Two of which are sumac, a course powder with a bit of a sour flavor and riganti, a wild marjoram.  The more basic flavors of this cuisine include parsley, rosemary, dill, fennel, bay leaves, mint, oregano and basil.  Lemon is used generously in many dishes and is favored as a flavor.  Spices include cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  The olive is also popular, especially olive oil that is used to prepare almost all the dishes.  One cannot enjoy a Mediterranean meal without pita bread and hummus, a spread made from a puree of garbanzo beans, tahini, sesame oil and lemon juice. Pasta and rice are also incorporated into the menus along with chicken, lamb, beef and fish as well as an abundance of fresh vegetables. Feta cheese dominates many of the most popular dishes.

 For our group lunch, we chose a variety of delicious entrees to enjoy family style.  For appetizers, we selected dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), kofta (gound beef meatballs stuffed with beef, onion, and pine nuts), cheese boregs (pan friend cheese turnovers), spinach and feta pies wrapped in filo dough, and tabbouleh salad (parsley, cracked wheat, tomatoes onion, lemon and olive oil). The entrees selected included: Lula kebab (ground beef mixed with onion and parsley and barbequed); Pastitso ( macaroni casserole with ground beef and béchamel sauce); Moussaka (eggplant casserole with potatoes, zucchini, ground beef, topped with béchamel sauce) and the Combination Platter with beef kebab, chicken kebab, and lulu kebab served with rice.  We also sampled the Greek Village Salad (a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, Kalamata olives, feta cheese and oregano).  Everything we ordered was devoured with great gusto by the group.  I thought the food was exceptionally delicious, well-prepared and freshly homemade.
Corfu also offers delicious traditional American breakfasts including Belgian waffles, pancakes, a variety of omelets, eggs Benedict and oatmeal from 7am to 11am, Monday –Friday and until 1 pm on the weekends.  Lunch services is from 11 am – 4 pm and features a variety of hot or cold sandwiches, salads, and soups.  The salads at Corfu are most interesting and not the usual offerings.  The Fattoush Salad with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, parsley, fresh mint, and toasted pita bread is delicious.  The Raya’s salad is a combination of diced chicken, lettuce, cheddar cheese, scallions, corn and avocado served with a salsa and Greek house dressing. The wonderful homemade main entrees (all made to order) include a variety of  pastas, seafood, poultry, and meat dishes. To finish you meal, enjoy the Greek coffee that is rich and flavorful.  There is a variety of homemade fresh pastries for dessert to compliment your coffee.  At Corfu you can eat in or take out.  They also cater.  There is a back room for private parties. I enjoyed the homemade food at this restaurant and appreciated that it was all prepared to order not pre-made and reheated as is so often the case.  I also enjoyed the friendly service and the warm welcome from the owner, Vic.  If you venture to Sierra Madre, plan to eat at Corfu Restaurant and enjoy some delicious homemade Mediterranean food.  The restaurant is small so I advise reservations, call (626) 355-5993.


Patio Dining area that looks just like Spain

Eggs Benedict


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Maestro (Mexican Bistro)

110 E. Union Street, Pasadena,


Maestro' s Mexican Bistro Interior.

Lovely selection of Spanish meats and cheeses

Dining area at Heritage Eatery

The Himalayan Café is an interesting and delightful addition to the Pasadena restaurant scene. It features cuisine that is authentic to the regions of Tibet and Nepal.  The Himalayan region is not fertile as compared to other regions and the climate is cold throughout the year with heavy snowfalls. The basic food crops grown in this region are: buckwheat, millet, naked barley, common beans, and high-altitude rice.  Potatoes are another important staple food and substantial amounts of rice are imported from the lowlands. Also, because of the cold temperature, people often prefer hot and warm foods like soup, tea and strong alcohols. Butter tea is made by mixing butter or ghee and salt into strong tea. This tea preparation is commonly mixed with a flour to make a kind of fast food that is especially eaten while traveling. The cattle raised in this region are Yak, chauries (yak and cow crossed), Himalayan goats and sheep. People raise these animals for meat, milk, cheese , and yogurt.  The Himalayan cuisine also includes a blending of the culinary traditions and practices of Tibet and its peoples, many of whom reside in India and Nepal. Many Tibetans do not eat fish because fish are one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism.

 Dining at the Himalayan Café is a culinary adventure. There is a distinctive Indian influence in many of the dishes offered and the use of curry is also prevalent.  We began our meal with an appetizer called Pakauda that is prepared with either cheese, shrimp, chicken or vegetables. Basically it consists of a kind of fritter that is marinated with ginger, garlic,  and chili and served with a tamarind chutney.  Another delicious appetizer is the Singada, a favorite in Nepal and India.  It is a fried pastry filled with mixed vegetables, potato and peas served with tamarind chutney.  I also enjoyed the Papadum, a crispy lentil wafer bread flavored with spices and served with home made pickle.

 We wanted to try a variety if dishes to better experience this cuisine. For a lamb dish we enjoyed the Lamb Vindaloo with boneless pieces of lamb and potatoes prepared with traditional mountain herbs and spice accented with lime juice.  For our chicken choice, we ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, a tandoor charcoal baked chicken breast prepared in a special spiced cream sauce.  It was quite delicious.  The Fish Tikka was salmon that had been marinated overnight in Himalayan spices, tomato capsicum and onion then cooked in a clay oven.  It was excellent, and very flavorful.  Next we ventured into the vegetarian dishes selecting the Paneer Masala which is a favorite of the Nepal India home.  It is made with cheese that is served in a lovely tomato onion cream sauce. I have never had anything like this dish but I will definitely order it again as it was very delicious and complimented the other dishes we ordered. The vegetable Korma featured a nice assortment of vegetables simmered in a special cream and rounded out our meal nicely.  Of course, we enjoyed their version of “fried rice,” a basmati rice with spices, egg, chicken and vegetables.  For dessert, we enjoyed Kulfi, mango, pistachio homemade ice cream. very refreshing and Gulab Jumun—sweet balls made with milk and cream then dipped in sugar syrup.  For a beverage we had lassi which was yogurt, blended with puree of mango and lassi blended with strawberries…

 We really enjoyed our dining adventure at the Himalayan Café and plan on returning to continue our exploration of this cuisine. There are many more dishes listed on the menu that we want to try as this was our first visit to the restaurant.  The service was good, the atmosphere, charming and our entire dining experience totally delightful.  If you are in the mood for a culinary adventure, I highly recommend coming to the Himalayan Café.   There is convenient parking in a large lot just north of the restaurant.  You won’t be disappointed.

Let’s Eat Out


Himalayan  Café

36 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA


Authentic Jamon

-If you have not eaten at Marston’s, you are missing a great breakfast place and a fantastic luncheon location.  This craftsman style bungalow always has eager people waiting outside on the front porch which is solid proof of this restaurant’s popularity. Chef Jim McCardy knows how to tempt the palate with an enticing selection of breakfast entrees.  How about “fantastic” French toast coated with corn flakes and grilled to perfection?  A tempting selection of pancakes range from blueberry, macadamia nut, and seven-grain, all served with “real” maple syrup.  For the traditionalist, the hot oatmeal is reminiscent of grandma’s but she never offered such a delicious selection of condiments to dress it up. Also delectable are the rich and flavorful eggs Benedict.  You can have the traditional version or for a wonderful new twist on an old favorite, try the salmon Benedict.  I also love the eggs Florentine with freshly sautéd spinach. For a hearty eater, the Ciabatta breakfast sandwich or the pulled pork Benedict are great.  Of course, you can’t ignore the Powerhouse omelet as a great egg entrée as well. 

      For lunch, the salads at Marston’s are incredible, always fresh and flavorful.  Probably the most popular is the Pasadena Salad, an appetizing combination of fresh spinach, avocado, chicken breast, scallions and bacon topped with caramelized pecans.  My favorite is the Cordierra Salad with grilled sesame chicken breast atop romaine lettuce, tossed with green and black olives, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, blue cheese and candied pecans then dressed with Marston’s famous San Pasqual dressing.  The California Orange salad with chicken breast, mandarin oranges, avocado, raisins, green onions, blue cheese, apples and candied pecans is also wonderful.  If you are a fan of the Caesar salad, be sure to try it here at Marston’s.

       For sandwiches, one can choose from the mouth-watering traditional Reuben, an excellent tuna melt, an old-fashioned egg salad. a pulled pork and a classic club.  The smoked salmon club is a variation on the original and a great choice for a sandwich that offers a different combination of flavors.  The B & B is hearty and delicious with a combination of sliced tri-tip grilled on sourdough bread with cheddar cheese and tomato. Some of the more unusual sandwiches include Blackened Salmon Wrap (spicy salmon with romaine, avocado, and tomato rolled in a flour tortilla); Grilled Chicken Gorgonzola Melt (grilled chicken on a whole wheat bun with melted gorgonzola cheese, seasoned cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sprouts) and Chicken with Roasted Red Peppers (Grilled chicken on ciabatta with fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, spinach, and pesto mayonnaise).  Marston’s makes a great hamburger too. You can choose from the hickory burger, avocado bacon burger, mushroom burger, Texas chiliburger, or there is a vegetarian burger. 

There are other unique special offerings on the luncheon menu.  I especially like Marston’s Chili and the Tempura Salmon Fish and Chips that is served with ginger coleslaw, sweet potato fries and a delicious tartar sauce.  You can’t go wrong with the Tuna Tortilla Roll, (a tuna salad, cheddar cheese and pico do gallo rolled into a flour tortilla and grilled.  It is unusual and very tasty.   Be sure to save room for dessert with Marston’s famous bread pudding with apricot grand mariner sauce topping my list of favorites. Also delicious is the warm Fruit Cobbler and the Vanilla Crème Brulee.  If you are really ready to indulge your sweet tooth, enjoy the chocolate sundae with Marston’s fabulous hot fudge sauce and topped with whipped cream. It is wonderfully decadent! Reservations are suggested as the restaurant is small and has a group of “regulars”. Marston’s does catering and also rents the restaurant for private parties. Check the website at www.martstonsrestaurant.com for updates on upcoming evening events.  Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the restaurant or on the street.  Marston’s’ is open for Breakfast-- Mon-Fri Breakfast 7am-11am, Lunch 11:30 am - 2:00pm, and Sat-Sun 8am - 2:00pm with breakfast served all day.

Chicken mole in the shape of Mexico

Humus, Pita bread & tabbouleh salad 

Casa Cordoba Cafe is an authentic Spanish café in Historic Zwick Plaza in Montrose. Come and enjoy authentic Spanish dishes and tapas, served in a casual courtyard setting reminiscent of the Romanesque/Moorish tradition of Cordoba. At Casa Cordoba, you will experience an authentic Spanish experience the minute you enter the courtyard with the beautiful tiled tables, under festive umbrellas, and walk past the lovely flower garden with a fountain. In the background hear the romantic sounds of a Spanish guitar.  Stop and check out the gift shop and really appreciate the artisanal hand of Spain:  hand-painted ceramics, kitchenware, olive oils, paella pans, spices and gourmet food products. In addition to the outdoor patio, the restaurant offers indoor themed dining rooms as well.

Spain is a culture that makes time to live, love and enjoy its amazing food. The ingredients, cooking methods, and recipes all have an easy to trace and fascinating past.  Some of Spain’s most famous foods:  chorizo, cocido, gazpacho, bacalao and paella have an encoded history. Also from the Moorish cuisine came the culinary cooking methods of sealed clay pots; the meat skewer (churrasco), frying in olive oil and preserving in vinegar.  Other things now considered Spanish that had Moorish roots are the spices of cumin, cinnamon and nutmeg.

When the Catholic rulers, Isabella and Ferdinand, conquered Granada and threw out the Moors and the Jews in 1492, they created one united Catholic kingdom, but several imprints from the Jewish culture remained such as the cocido ( meat and chickpea stew) for one.   But the new foods introduced in this era were spectacularly different due to their religious orthodoxy. Bacalao (salt cod) was for church fast days when meat was prohibited.  Pork became popular and eating sausages was part of the everyday diet.  Interestingly, pork was added to the cocido with the other meats to prove that the eaters were neither Jewish nor Muslim.  With the discovery of America in 1492, Spain was introduced to vegetables and fruits transforming the cuisine from beans, grains and meats. Chocolate, tomatoes, potatoes, corn and chili quickly adapted into the Spanish cuisine. 

Recently, Tapas are credited as Spain’s greatest food invention. The philosophy “Eat when you drink and drink when you eat,” is the theory behind this tradition.   Tapas began with a slice of bread, a slice of ham and a slice of cheese used to cover the top of the drink glass to keep out the flies.  The word “tapa” means “cover.” They were not meant to be a meal but one snack served with a drink and a different tapa served with a second drink so that everyone could enjoy sharing and tasting. 

Casa Cordoba is dedicated to authentic Spanish cuisine and traditions. Once you are seated at your table, your server will place some garlic spiced olives in front of you and some slices of rustic bread. You can enjoy some Sangria or Rioja while deciding which items to order. My suggestion is to start your meal with a delicious soup.  The  Salmorejo Cordobes is Southern Spanish raw tomato soup served with hardboiled egg and serrano ham.  It is delicious!  If you like gazpacho, this style is tomato based, blended Cordoba style with a splash of sherry and topped with parsley, herbed iced cream and served with warm bread. 


We enjoy sharing tapas so we ordered the garlic shrimp, the meatballs, the clams and mussels in wine and the empanadas.  I also suggest the Patatas Bravas (roasted potatoes),  Albondigas Andaluzas,( Grass-fed beef and pork meatballs in tomato sauce with Manchego cheese), Croquetas de Jamon Y Pollo (Chicken and serrano ham creamy croquettes), or Queso Fundido (warm Manchego cheese dip with chorizo, mushroom and onion, served with toast points) to mention a few of the choices. All the tapas are carefully and well prepared and very good. We also split the Ensalada de Higo y Jamon (mixed greens, dried Mission Figs, Serrano ham, red onion with balsamic vinaigrette).

On the new dinner menu you will find several wonderful Spanish entrees  Choose from such delicious entrees as Costillas A La Miel (Moroccan spiced braised short rib with honey and lentils), Churrasco A La Plancha ( Pan roasted flat iron steak with glaze and shoestring fries) and Lubina (Pan seared Branzino with sauteéd black kale and portobellini mushrooms in sherry butter).  One can’t consider Spanish cuisine without thinking of paella.  Casa Cordoba offers wonderful paellas…There is chicken paella - made with diced chicken, chorizo, peas, roasted red peppers, saffron, and Spanish spices over Valencia rice. How about Seafood Paella - with mussels and clams? It is very rich with lots of seafood.  There is enough for two people.The perfect companion beverage to your meal is Sangria with red wine and plentiful fruit. Casa Cordoba has some of the best sangria I have had in a long time.  It has great flavor without having too much fruit floating about. No matter what you order, you will not be disappointed as the Owner, Chris and Jeannie Bone are dedicated to making everything authentic in true Spanish tradition.  They have traveled to Spain for inspiration and the end result is this wonderful addition to Montrose, Casa Cordoba. It is sure to become a favorite.   It is the perfect place to dine on these warm summer evenings. For restaurant days and hours, more information,  Spanish entertainment schedule and complete menu, please visited the website at 

Broiled Skirt Steak in cognac Sauice


Fabulous baked onion soup


Entrance to John Sparr Tavern

Beautiful and delicious carrot cake

If you love Mexican food and enjoy trying new things, then you will want to dine at Maestro. This new restaurant is unique in the preparation and presentation of Mexican cuisine.  The chef, Daniel Godinez, has introduced sophisticated French concepts to traditional Mexican dishes to the delight of his guests and attributes to the restaurants popularity. Many of his dishes are recognized as regional Mexican specialties but styled with a French technique.  Godinez was classically trained as a chef in Mexico where his training was definitely influenced by French cuisine.

            Maestro is a small space but well -appointed with dark blue wainscoting, faux brass-topped tables and pendants hanging from a high ceiling. A long yellow banquette lines one wall and at the rear a cozy bar with a mixologist creates tempting beverages.  There is a small patio enhanced with succulent filled flower boxes for delightful dining alfresco.

            Start your dining experience with some of the best guacamole I have ever eaten served with plantain chips for dipping. This appetizer goes very well with some of the special margaritas…I loved the Paloma with lime, grapefruit soda and tequila reposado. The Maestro Margarita is colorful with Jamaica, lime and tequila blanco and the Agave old Fashion incorporates tequila, mescal and agave. The Bramble is gin, blackberries, and lime and the Pablos Westside consists of vodka, cucumber, mint and lime.   All are very good and unusual.

      The main menu also features some very exciting selections from which to choose.  There is a unique take on Oysters Rockefeller with presentation on a cut wooden log that is bathed in creamed spinach, chorizo and Oaxacan cheese.  Tacos Ahogados (chicken taquitos) take on a new look when served surrounded by a delicious flavorful chicken lime broth with tomatillo salsa. Roasted beets are paired with pineapple with a guava glaze and dollops of goat cheese.  One of the most unique presentations is the Spanish octopus on the side of a horizontal Mezcal bottle attached to the glass with a sweet plantain puree.  Each piece of octopus was topped with avocado cream and a flower petal creating a truly a beautiful presentation.   The chicken mole arrived sculpted as a map of Mexico outlined by avocado puree and seared sea scallops arrived on a pedestal of rice blackened huitlacoche (corn fungus that doubles as truffles in Mexico).  Fork tender beef short ribs are plated with sweet potato puree and a mole demi-glace while picadas (chopped meat) consist of tortilla spread with salsa roja and queso fresco topped with thin red radish accents.

            Desserts are also unique with a panna cotta with a chile de arbol sauce and a corn cake that is not overly sweet with huitlacoche ice cream. The wine list features primarily California vintages, a few French and even some Mexican labels. Beer is also available if you prefer it with the cuisine.  Have a beer with a shot of tequila to be really adventurous…Maestro is a complete dining adventure and one that the gourmet is sure to enjoy!

          For more information on Maestro, please visit the website at www.maestropasadena.com.  Due to the small size of the restaurant, reservations are definitely recommended.



Many people remember charming tearoom, Favorite Place that was owned and operated by Alissa and her husband, Sarkis.  It was indeed the favorite lunch place and my sister, Betty and I frequented it for all special occasions.  We were big fans of Alissa’s delicious salads, soups and sandwiches. We, as were many others, very sad when they sold it.  The good news is, Sarkis and Alissa are back!  They have opened Heritage Eatery at the same location but this restaurants is sporting a new modern look and an updated Armenian menu that is both creative and delicious.

For her birthday, I treated Betty to a birthday lunch and we, of course, headed straight of Heritage Eatery.  After a very happy welcoming celebration with Alissa and Sarkis, we were excited to try their new cuisine.  For starters, we enjoyed wonderful feta cheese with homemade fig jam, chopped walnuts on crispy lavash crackers.  The combination of flavors with the tangy feta and the sweet jam were perfect to stimulate the appetite.  Next, we enjoyed a big bowl of oven roasted tomato soup, perfectly seasoned and served with fresh bread and the most delicious humus spread I have ever tasted. We were now anxious to enjoy of old favorite chicken salad from the tea room days but Alissa has added a new twist to her old standby.   The salad still features shredded oven roasted chicken with Romaine lettuce, arugula, home-made croutons dressed with the house dressing and topped with sesame seeds, but it is different from her tea room original chicken salad.  It was very good and very generous so my sister and I split one which was definitely more than enough.  The  Spicy Organic corn with roasted cauliflower, raisins, Persian berries, celery, cilantro, roasted carrots, topped with Feta cheese and dressed with pomegranate dressing is flavorful and unusual as is the Vegetable Medley salad featuring roasted red beets, carrots, Brussel sprouts, raisins and arugula dressed with a pomegranate dressing. Yumm!

For Sandwiches, I would order the tuna with lemon, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, topped with spicy corn salad and arugula on Armenian Bread. Alissa claims this is Sarkis’ favorite sandwich.  I also think the organic beef meatball sandwich with pilaf and stuffed in lavash bread with mozzarella cheese, arugula and sundried tomato dressing sounds delicious.  Other menu selections available include: Oven roasted fish of the day marinated in yogurt and garlic, drizzled with pomegranate glaze, served with oven baked potatoes and carrots; Oven roasted organic chicken with oven baked fries, served with yogurt and garlic sauce (You can order Half chicken for $ 15 or a whole chicken for $30.); or Alissa's Famous Spicy Homemade Chili with Armenian spices and topped with mozzarella cheese and cilantro, served with Armenian bread.  For dessert, don’t miss the carrot cake or for the chocoholics, the cupcakes or chocolate cookies…Polish off you meal with an expresso and you will be more than good to go.  Heritage Eatery is very popular and I can understand why as it is a delightful place to enjoy excellent food in a bright and cheery atmosphere with excellent service and well prepared delicious Armenian food.  Reservations are suggested as it is a small place with limited seating. Give it a try as you will not be disappointed.



Spanish Meatballs in Sauce

Fish Tikka..griilled marinated salmon 

Dolmades..stuffed grape leaves

Let’s Eat Out


Heritage Eatery

115 W. Wilson Ave., Glendale, CA

 818- 521-5152

Alissa's famous chicken salad with sesame seeds


John Sparr Tavern was established in 2017 in a completely renovated sight of the old Village Pub dating back to the 1950’s.  When Rick Powel and Dave Fink took charge, they knew they had a major project on their hands.  Both owners were former imagineers for Disney and have lived in Glendale for over thirty years. They both had fond memories of the East coast taverns of their youth, especially one called Blessings Tavern.  They wanted to create a new special place in the Sparr Heights section of Glendale and this seemed the perfect location.  They completely renovated the 1930’s building to bring back the 1940’s feel and style of a tavern with mosaic tile floor, floor to ceiling green marble walls, a tin ceiling, and dark wood paneling,  The mahogany bar and furniture was built by the Amish craftsman in Ohio.  The back bar was salvaged from a 1940 Art Deco bar in New York to top off the theme of a 1940 neighborhood tavern where friends and neighbors gather for good food, craft beer, classic cocktails, and fine wine.  It is very reminiscent of the famous bar in the old television series, “Cheers.”  The owners want their guests to feel at home and like to come around to the tables to chat and meet their guests. They have just opened a patio in the back and they are also planning on adding live music in the future.
      The chef is Aldolfo Escalante who is remembered as the chef from the Beckham’s Grill in Pasadena where he specialized in American cuisine for many years. Beside the basics of steaks, fish, chicken, burgers, salads and appetizers.  He has also added prime rib of pork with Cognac sauce, smoked salmon, roast duck and crab cakes to the menu at John Sparr Tavern.
     John Sparr Tavern is not very large, so if you are coming on a weekend night, I would advise you to come early if possible. The seating only holds about 50 people at the absolute most so reservations are recommended.  Because the owners were so careful about creating this space, I knew the food would be great.  I started with the crab cakes and it was an excellent choice.
     They were delicious deep-fried seafood rounds packed with crab and no fillers and served with a nice garlic aioli. We also shared a Tavern Burger and Wow! The burger meat, the brioche bun, the fries...even the pickle were terrific.  The meat was cooked to medium rare as ordered and topped with a well-aged Cheddar to create one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. The fries were of the old fashioned nature: crispy and meaty. We also checked out the potato salad and it was also delicious with just the right amount of dressing like a good homemade version.
     Other offerings on the menu that all looked interesting and received positive comments from other diners included: The crab bisque that was creamy, and exactly what a bisque should be; the broiled salmon that came with creamed corn and a nice rice pilaf and the small whole roasted duck with dark crispy skin and juicy meat with creamed spinach and rice pilaf.  The onion soup received rave reviews all around and will be on my menu for my next visit.  Also receiving excellent reviews was the rib-eye-steak, the Cauliflower Porterhouse (with Cognac Sauce; and the crab enchilada.  Another winner was the corned beef sandwich and also the fish and chips.    For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the bread pudding or the carrot cake.  The crème brule is also very good.
      If you enjoy libations, you definitely need to make the trip to John Sparr, as bartender, Adam Delaney is making the very best cocktails in the area. Whether your cocktail is a classic, modern classic, or his own original creation, you know it's going to be an incredible experience.  They also have a great selection of IPA’s,  crafted beers and ales as well as a good wine list.
        John Sparr Tavern is open for lunch from 11:30 TO 4:00, Happy Hour from 4:00-6:00 and Dinner from 5:00 to close Monday through Friday.  Saturday and Sunday 11:30-4:00 lunch and 4:00-to closing for dinner.  Again, I recommend reservations, especially for the weekends. For more information, visit the website at http://www.johnsparrtavern.com.


Crunchy French toast

The popular combination platter

Fig jam with toasted lavoush crackers


Lamb Vindaloo


Let’s Eat Out


Casa Cordoba

2331 Honolulu Ave. #C, Montrose, CA

(818) 937-4445.


Corfu Greek Armenian Restaurant Entrance


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Corfu Restaurant

48 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre